Create, manage and execute the trainings that needs to happen for your team.

Welcome to the OrangeHRM Online Training (OTM) module, a comprehensive solution designed to streamline your employee training efforts. With OTM, your organization can create and manage individual or group courses, providing your employees with access to valuable training materials from anywhere, at any time.

Flexible Course Creation and Delivery

Create customized courses tailored to your organization's specific training needs. Incorporate various multimedia elements, such as videos, links, and documents, to enhance the learning experience. Deliver courses to individuals or groups, ensuring consistency and standardization across your workforce.

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Anytime, Anywhere Access

Empower your employees with the flexibility to access training materials at their convenience. Whether they are in the office, working remotely, or on the go, OTM allows seamless access to courses from any device with an internet connection.

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Course Completion Reminders

Set deadlines and send notifications to prompt timely course completion and minimize delays.

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E-Certificates for Course Completion

Recognize and reward your employees' achievements by issuing e-certificates upon successful course completion. Boost employee motivation and engagement by acknowledging their efforts and showcasing their professional growth.

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