OrangeHRM Starter

Free and Open Source HR Software

Give your HR team the tools they need to streamline administrative tasks, support employees, and make informed decisions with the OrangeHRM free and open source HR software.

You can use the OrangeHRM Starter edition on the cloud or download it and host it yourself.

We have 5 million + active users worldwide

Here are some of our clients

Free HR Software for All

Starter on the Cloud

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    The cloud platform is packed with the features you need for smooth HR Management and minus the need for hefty investments on hardware and maintenance.
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    Cloud customers enjoy a safe and secure managed environment by leveraging best-in-class cloud infrastructure.
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    Cloud hosting positions you for rapid growth with the ability to add OrangeHRM’s latest features and security updates through periodical upgrades.

Download Starter

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    Host OrangeHRM on your own infrastructure. This deployment option provides the greatest level of flexibility and control.
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    On-premise customers can heavily customize the system deployment through access to the OrangeHRM source code, database, and every layer in the technology stack.
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    On-premise customers also benefit from the control over their own security, reliability and performance by deploying behind their own firewall.

See What Our Customers Have to Say

Michal Kubacki

Michal Kubacki
General Manager

Jet Creative

"Our creative agency has been looking for a highly professional open-source software for our HRMS requirements and we came across the OrangeHRM, which was just the package we've been looking for to supply our professional HR team with tools they need. Its ease of use and functionality reaches our expectations and shows creativity in design and solutions in a similar way as we do projects for our clients. OrangeHRM is a great solution for any human resources department and I can surely recommend it to any kind of business."

Paul Nishiyama

Paul Nishiyama
Vice President Information Technologies
Johnny Rockets

"As part of our long term strategy to combine the impressive capabilities of open source with a fresh, cost-effective approach to IT, Johnny Rockets immediately recognized the unique possibilities that OrangeHRM offers: A modern HRIS system which is also open source and free for life, providing extensibility, maintainability and the ability to truly recognize a significant ROI. This has afforded us the capability of integrating open source Human Resource Management software easily into our existing infrastructure, leveraging many other previous efforts to streamline our business processes, and maximize employee efficiency; all while not giving up any expected modern HRIS features."

Our Key Features

Mobile App

When you download the OrangeHRM’s mobile app it gives you the ability to unlock functionality at your fingertips. You can apply for PTO, clock in or out, view employee attendance, and so much more. This feature keeps you up to date while you are on the go.

Mobile App Starter

HR Administration

Whether you’ve been in HR for years or just starting out, the HR Administration module was built for you. From Admin & Employee Self Service (ESS) user roles to Mobile App, the HR Administration features gives you all of the core tools you will need to manage your HRIS with ease.

HR Administration Starter

Employee Management

With Employee Management, you get access to the Dashboard, Employee Database, and Corporate Directory. You will be able to house all of your employee’s information on the cloud and say goodbye to managing everything on paper.

Employee Management Starter

PTO / Leave Management

This module alone makes it that much better to be working in HR. With its advanced leave configuration and being able to manage PTO requests and approvals. This will help free you up to do so much more.

PTO Leave Management

Reporting & Analytics

Just like the rest of the business cares about metrics, you can too with OrangeHRM Reports. Whether you are searching for clarity in employee churn data or wondering how your performance reviews went, these reports give power to HR. Get better understanding with better reporting.

Reporting Analytics


In this pillar you get access to the 180° reviews function of our Performance pillar. You will be able to have the birdseye view of your company’s feedback towards one another.

Performance Starter

Recruitment (ATS)

The recruiting team could be made up of one or many, it doesn't matter. What does matter is the overall experience these applicants have. It's the springboard to having a great culture and finding the right fit for your company. Don’t try to build a flawless culture without the right tools.

Recruitment ATS Starter

Time Tracking

The importance of getting time tracking right could literally save you and your team hours each week. No longer will you need to track down every person that forgot to clock in or out on a random Tuesday. With OrangeHRM the system is there to help everyone succeed.

Time Tracking